Flowers are synonymous with celebration, new beginnings, romance, and farewells.  They bring a smile to almost everyone's face without words.  And for those of us who are city dwellers, flowers bring a much needed natural beauty to our homes. 

1.  Nellie's Wildflowers - Davis Square.  Nellie's is a charming shop with amazing staff.  A local favorite for good reason.  They offer an array of flower arrangements and many fresh cut wildflowers perfect for a casual bouquets.  

2.  Wagner Floral Design - Union Square.  Wagner is a lovely shop that adds a sleek clean feel to all their arrangements.  They also offer house plants and orchids.

3.  Bostonian Florist - Prospect Hill.  This local shop has plenty of fresh cut flowers and a great selection of small house plants.  A great option if you are buying flowers on a whim or a last minute gift. 

4.  Mystic Florist - East Somerville.  Mystic is a wonderful family-owned and operated florist with a great reputation. This shop has great selection of flowers and a clear devotion to costumer service.

5.  Foret Design Studio - Union Square.  Foret is a stunning design studio specializing in floral event styling.  With a background in visual display co-owners Rose Mattos and Erin Heath bring their floral designs to life.  Their work has been featured in many local and national magazines.