In my eyes, there is no better way to start your morning than with a perfectly toasted bagel.  Bagels are my be-all, end-all. Here are five bagel places in Cambridge I like:

1.  Bagelsaurus. Porter Square. These bagels are epic.  This store does bagels and only bagels, they don't mess around with other breads.  They offer a wide variety and always run out, get there early!  

2.  Mamaleh's. Kendall Square. YUM!  I appreciate an everything bagel that is really covered head to toe which is what you get here.  This modern delicatessen has an extensive menu for take-out or dine in.

3.  Petsi Pies. Riverside near Harvard Square.  I cannot vouch for all locations, but Petsi Pies on Putnam Ave has a nice selection of bagels.  The egg sandwiches hit the spot.

4.  S & S. Inman Square. This restaurant is an institution to some.  The menu pretty much covers anything you can imagine.  If you are looking for a bagel with lox, this is the spot.  

5.  Bruegger's Bagels. Porter Square. Yes, this is a large chain, but I love it.  The selection of bagels and cream cheeses are endless.  This is a great place to mix it up, and try something new.

Lists of 5 for Cambridge from the Charles Cherney Team.

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