Once upon a time, there were many more bookstores in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have fond memories of browsing in bookstores now closed or found only online. That being said, there are still bookstores in Cambridge. Here are five to note.

1. Raven Used Books - Harvard Square. This used to be on JFK Street. Now its on Church Street. Check it out.

2. Harvard Coop -  Harvard Square. This is the big bookstore in Harvard Square. Top floor features a quieter area close to the front windows overlooking the square that is a nice place to sit and read. The cafe on the mezzanine has a decent magazine section.

3. Harvard Book Store - Harvard Square. I have been frequenting this store since my Harvard student days in the late 1980s. I have a great memory of attending a reading here by the Scandinavian mystery writer Henning Mankell, a year or two before he passed away. I came via Vespa with a stack of his titles in my top case for him to sign - which he did, with grace and good humor.

4. Rodney's Bookstore - Central Square used bookstore. It's easy to pass an hour here. I like to check out the books on Boston and Cambridge.

5. Porter Square Books - A refuge in Porter Square. Find the latest new releases here on display. Friendly staff. Nice little cafe.