Brunch is that fantastic weekend treat that combines breakfast and lunch, often with cocktails.  Best served with a group of friends.

1.  The Painted Burro - Davis Square.  If you agree that all meals should come with a side of guacamole this is your place.  I love this restaurant, from its chips and salsa to their perfectly crafted brunch cocktail list.

2.  Ball Square Cafe - Ball Square.  This hot spot is a neighborhood favorite.  The menu has something for everyone.  Try not to be discouraged by the wait - it's worth it.

3.  Trina's Starlite Lounge - Union Square.  This lounge puts on a spectacular brunch.  In addition, Trina's also serves brunch on Mondays for fellow industry types.  Don't miss the daily pop-tart.

4.  Highland Kitchen - Central Hill.  So many options, and everything is so good. Highland is a great spot to meet your friends, take in the live music, and enjoy your lazy Sunday.  

5.  3 Little Figs - Central Hill.  This casual cafe has a delicious selections of breakfast and lunch options, not to mention toast five ways. - Lists of 5 for Somerville, MA

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