I am a proud owner of a lovable rescue dog named Fern.  Her and I spend our days walking the streets of East Cambridge.  Several times a week we venture to one of the few Cambridge fenced in dog parks so she can run and play with other dogs.  

1. Danehy Dog Park. Neighborhood Nine.  This park is fantastic, lots of space to run and play.  The park also features water for dogs, and a TIME OUT area for pups needing a break.

2. Pacific Street Park. Cambridgeport.  Fern and I frequently visit this park.  There are lots of areas for play and structures for the dogs to climb.

3. Pemberton Street Dog Run. North Cambridge. This dog run is perfect for dogs that love to run fast and straight ahead.

4. Rogers Street Park. East Cambridge.  I was so excited when an area of the park became designated for dogs.  The grass is a little over run but the dogs don’t complain.

5. Fresh Pond Reservation. West Cambridge. This park unfortunately doesn’t have a fenced in area, but dogs are welcome to be off leash while enjoying the day with their owners.

For more information on Legal Off Leash and Shared Use Cambridge Parks click HERE.

Fern enjoying some shade on a hot summer day.