Donuts are a little slice of confectionary heaven.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and often grace your office break rooms.  If you find yourself with an insatiable hunger for donuts in Somerville, these are my favorite shops.

1. Union Square Donuts- Union Square.  There is no competition for first place.  This donut shop is on another level.  The mouthwatering varieties are made in house and run out quick.  Sea-Salted Bourbon Carmel anyone?

2. Lyndell's Bakery- Ball Square.  This bakery is celebrating its 130th birthday!  They have every kind of baked good, including a traditional donut selection.  The prices won't break the bank, so you can and should share with friends.

3. Dunkin' Donuts- 8 Somerville Locations.  Dunkin' is a Massachusetts staple.  They have added dozens of new menu items but never forgot their donut roots.  I can honestly say I have never met a box of munchkins I didn't like.

4. Paul- Assembly Square.  Paul is tucked away in Assembly Row.  They only offer two donuts (chocolate filled & red fruit) but they are both divine.  In the warmer months, you can dine al fresco.

5. Davis Square Donuts & Bagels- Davis Square.  I struggled with adding Davis Square Donuts & Bagels to the list.  They haven't opened, and it is a real "will they" or "won't they" situation.  I think donuts would be a welcome addition to Davis Square. Stay tuned.