My childhood home was adorned with flowers.  As an adult, I buy cut flowers a few times a month.  They add color and life to any room.  While some grocery stores may have flowers, the quality from a true florist is in another league.

1.  Brattle Square Florist.  Harvard Square.  I cannot say enough good things about this shop.  I have used them used them time and time again.  They even did my wedding bouquet.  They have everything from cut flowers to rubber trees.  

2.  Kendall Flowers.  Kendall Square. The beautiful scent of flowers welcomes you the minute the door opens.  The staff is incredibly knowledgable and always willing to help.

3.  Hallie's Flower Garden.  West Cambridge.  This shop has a nice selection of cut flowers, and they make darling arrangements.  Once there, I cannot resist the baked goods and coffee.  Perfect place to stop for a dinner party gift.

4.  Central Square Florists.  Central Square.  The fresh cut flowers outside the store always make me stop.  I'm also a fan of their eye-catching Instagram feed.

5.  Petali Flowers.  Harvard Square.  Petali flowers are a great way to impress anyone.  Their arrangements stand out for all the right reasons.