Nail salons are plentiful in nearly every city, and Cambridge is no exception.  But not all salons are created equal.  Like any other service provider, some are better than others. Here are five that I like.

1.  Beauty Spa. Porter Square. The spa is a peaceful retreat.  In addition to nails, they offer all kinds of spa treatments.  The staff are lovely, and extremely honest about wait times.  Make an appointment, they are in high demand. 

2.  Le's Beauty & Nail. East Cambridge.  This is my go-to place.  Their prices are great and the pedicures will leave your neglected feet perfect for sandal weather.

3.  Couture Nail & Spa.  Harvard Square. This salon is sleek and clean.  They have an elaborate selection of colors including gels.  The staff is incredibly nice, and they always try to fit you in. 

4.  Cambridge Nail and Skin Spa. Porter Square. Great polish selection.  Great quaint salon, make an appointment.

5.  Family Nails & Spa.East Cambridge. I have had great luck getting a pedicure without waiting.  Great spot to go with friends.