New England winters can seem never ending.  The days are short and the nights are cold.  If you are anything like me, you enjoy cozying up to a roaring fire with a nice drink in hand.  Cambridge has some great options for those looking to warm up fireside and forget the winter blues for a bit.

  1.  Catalyst - Kendall Square. This gorgeous contemporary fireplace has plenty of seating and throws some real heat.
  2.  Bondir - The Port. A perfect place to wait for your table in this cozy little restaurant on Broadway.
  3.  The Red House - Harvard Square. Tucked in the bar area, you can grab a table practically in the fireplace.
  4. Parsnip - Harvard Square. A beautiful restaurant with a fire to match.
  5. The Black Sheep - Kendall Square. This charming fire in the restaurant found inside The Kendall Hotel offers comfy leather chairs to really relax.