Big Potential (2018) by Shawn Achor. This book is Achor's follow up to The Happiness Advantage (2010). Both books are worthy reads.

This quote is found at the end of Part I (The Big Problem With Small Potential).  Achor reminds us we are in this thing called life TOGETHER. True success is not about tearing down other people’s buildings. Just the opposite in fact: "The more you help people find their light," Achor writes, "the brighter you both will shine."

Achor's research leads to him to this conclusion: "It's not faster alone; it's better together." In a me-first world that celebrates individual achievement, this is a real shift in mindset for most people. It's a shift from SMALL POTENTIAL ("the limited success you can achieve alone") to BIG POTENTIAL ("the success you can achieve only in a Virtuous Cycle with others").

Achor's book really resonates with me. After sixteen years as an individual real estate agent, I started a real estate team in 2017. Being a team leader has turned me on to Big Potential. Better late than never! As it happens, Achor believes you can create change - and be a leader - wherever YOU are.

Pay attention to others. Believe in their success. Praise and celebrate them. If you are committed to connecting with those around you (instead of conquering them), you will come out ahead. We all will.

Seven Super Tips from Shawn Achor