The official list of the thirteen named neighborhoods for Cambridge, Massachusetts is the following:

1. East Cambridge - includes Kendall Square and NorthPoint

Discover East Cambridge (including Kendall Square)

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2. Area 2 / MIT (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

3. Wellington-Harrington - includes Inman Square (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

4. The Port (formerly known as Area 4)  - includes Central Square (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

5. Cambridgeport (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

6. Mid Cambridge

Discover Mid Cambridge

Discover the Mid Cambridge neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

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7. Riverside (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

8. Agassiz

Discover Agassiz

Discover the Agassiz neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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9. Neighborhood Nine - includes Porter Square and Avon Hill

Discover Neighborhood Nine (Includes Porter Square and Avon Hill) 

Discover Neighborhood Nine in Cambridge, Massachusetts..

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10. West Cambridge - includes Harvard Square and Huron Village and Observatory Hill and Coolidge Hill and Larchwood

Discover West Cambridge (includes Harvard Square)

Discover the West Cambridge neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts..

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11. North Cambridge (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

12. Cambridge Highlands (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

13. Strawberry Hill (neighborhood guide forthcoming)

Considering that Cambridge is only 6.43 square miles, it is truly remarkable how many neighborhoods it has. You might even want to add Fresh Pond and the Charles River to this list. And Harvard. And MIT.