Grateful. I am grateful for my Curaytor Buds. Curaytor is the company that powers this website and my real estate marketing. Through Curaytor, I have met other top Realtors who also work with Curaytor - these are my Curaytor Buds.

At the Curaytor Excellence Conference in Austin, Texas, in October 2017, I had the chance to meet many other Curaytor Buds in person for the first time. Through the Curaytor Mastermind Group on Facebook, I already felt like I knew many of those I met in person. Thanks to technology, a new friend can now feel like an old friend when you first meet.

Judy Weiniger + Jimmy Mackin + Me + Amit Bhuta at Excellence in Austin, Texas.

I started in real estate in 1999. For most of the last 18 years, I had my head down, working really hard. In that time, I completed 500+ deals.  In December 2016, I turned 50 years old. And I picked my head up and looked around. I found Curaytor.

My Curaytor website - this website - launched in February 2017. And so, too, did my team and my connections to others in the Curaytor family - my Curaytor Buds. It has been awesome! These folks inspire me with their ideas and enthusiasm. They energize me with their constructive comments and support.

One can accomplish a great deal on one's own. My Curaytor Buds have taught me how much more one can achieve with others. They have me excited about my team and the second half of my career. I am grateful for my Curaytor Buds. Grateful 24/7/365.

Grateful 24/7/365

Giving thanks for some of the many positive experiences in my work life.

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