Grateful. I am grateful for the team at Curaytor that supports this Curaytor website - (also at

Success starts at the top. I am grateful for Curaytor Co-Founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin. Chris and Jimmy are in the house. They are accessible. They are paying attention and making Curaytor - making me -  better every day.

I am grateful for Wendy Herndon who helped me launch this Curaytor website on Valentine's Day. ❤️ There's a lot that goes into properly launching a website. Wendy guided me from start to finish.

I am grateful for Craig Carpenter, my Curaytor account manager. Craig has successfully coached me with my weekly CABing (Create-Advertise-Blast). When I first started, Craig sent me a series of screencasts to help me understand exactly what I needed to do.

I am grateful for Holly Haven and Stefanie Tracey and everyone on the Curaytor Support Team. My questions and concerns are responded to promptly. Any issues I have are quickly resolved.

It takes a team to create something special. I am grateful for the team at Curaytor for helping me make this website special. Grateful 24/7/365.

Grateful 24/7/365

Positive experiences in my work life.

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