Grateful. I am grateful for Robert Reffkin, Founder and CEO of Compass. Grateful for his leadership and his attention to others.

I joined Compass in August 2016, after 18 years at another firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The morning after I signed with Compass, I got a phone call from Robert Reffkin, welcoming me. Robert was in LA that day, and with the time change he was on the phone with me at 5:30 AM Pacific Time. Despite the early hour, Robert was fully engaged and not just going through the motions. We had a meaningful conversation.

I have since had the pleasure of meeting Robert Reffkin multiple times on his regular visits to the Compass offices in the Boston area. What always strikes me about Robert is that his natural mindset is to listen and to learn.

Robert Reffkin's aim each day is to make Compass an even better company, both for its agents and its clients. I appreciate that the leader of Compass is leading by example. Thank you, Robert. I am grateful. Grateful 24/7/365.