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Mid Cambridge is broadly understood to be the neighborhood described by the boundaries of Kirkland Street to the north, Massachusetts Avenue to the south, Prospect Street to the east and Harvard Square itself to the west. Mid Cambridge is sought after for its excellent location between Harvard and MIT. It also is where you will find the public high school (Cambridge Rindge and Latin School) and the main public library, both on Broadway. Some speak of Mid Cambridge as "The Golden Triangle" - located between Harvard Square and Inman Square and Central Square.

The main streets serving Mid Cambridge are Cambridge Street, Broadway, Harvard Street, and Massachusetts Avenue. There are many pleasant side streets in Mid Cambridge. Residents enjoy having shops and services close by. It is easy to live here without a car. My mother lives in Mid Cambridge on Antrim Street!

Click on our interactive map of Mid Cambridge to discover the neighborhood.

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Compass - As it happens, my Compass real estate office (which I think of as being on the edge of Harvard Square) is officially in Mid Cambridge at 1073 Massachusetts Avenue, corner of Trowbridge Street. Come see me! I have noted my office location on the Mid Cambridge map below:

Mid Cambridge real estate

I am very familiar with Mid Cambridge real estate, having successfully assisted many buyers and sellers in Mid Cambridge over the last several decades. Contact me today for assistance.

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