Niche specializes in connecting plants with people and people with plants.

An urban garden oasis tucked away on Broadway in The Port neighborhood of Cambridge, this boutique plant shop recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in this location, an extension of their original South End store. Niche is an excellent destination if you are pursuing plant-based home accents, thoughtful gifts, or design inspiration. In warmer seasons, the front wall of windows opens up to the outdoors, and the garden expands to the street.       

Upon entry, the lush greenery - ranging from towering to precious in size - is a feast for the eyes. The varying shapes and gentle hues of green succulents stand out in bursts next to the darker tones and bold splashes of pinks and purples on both classic and rare house plants. A series of contemporary plant containers and assorted gift packages are interspersed on tidy shelves amongst the leaves and vines. I love taking my time when I visit here!

Not to worry if you are attracted to the beauty but lack experience or commitment in sustaining it -- the Niche experts are there to help you gauge your thumb's shade of green and the compatibility of your personal plant environment.

"What kind of light does your space have?" asks Andrew, plant enthusiast and Niche employee, as he sees me marveling at the Pitcher Plant. I soon learn that the Pitcher and I aren't a great match based on the type of light it craves. He draws my attention to the Calathea Lancifolia, as it requires a different kind of care. Also known as the "Rattlesnake Plant," I learn it has a tendency to curl its leaves in at night.

Pitcher Plant
Calathea Lancifolia ("Rattlesnake Plant")

Niche's well-curated plant collection is intentional, yet  there are various options, as no two plants are alike, every space is unique, and each consumer is distinct. I fall hard for the Starfish plant and promise not to overwater. Thanks to the good people at Niche for being a resource for beauty, discovery, and plant connection in Cambridge. 

Starfish Plant