Grateful. I am grateful for Eli and his team at Prado Painting. A good painter is hard to find. I have found one in Eli. Whether the job is big or small, inside or out, Eli can handle it - "No problem."

It's very rare to meet with someone who is invariably calm and joyful. That person is Eli.

"Hey, Eli, it's Charles. I have a seller client who needs to have the interior of their condo repainted this week. It's a family with two kids and a dog and lots of furniture. They still live in the property, and they need to have the work done while still being there."

"No problem."

That's a true story by the way. And Eli and his team at Prado Painting did an amazing job. No problem at all.

In all the jobs that Eli has done for my buyer and seller clients - and for me - over the years, his steady demeanor has never wavered.

Eli's a rock. And I am grateful. Grateful 24/7/365.

Grateful 24/7/365

Positive experiences in my work life.

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