Grateful. The Charles Cherney Team was born in August 2016, soon after I joined Compass after 18 years as a sole agent at Hammond Real Estate. My wife, Candace Bott, was the first to join the team. Right away, Candace began helping out with the schedule and the marketing materials. What a positive difference Candace makes!

In early February 2017, Christine Carpenter joined the Charles Cherney Team as a full time Sales Associate. I first connected with Christine at Hammond in 2016.  We co-listed and sold a condo in Somerville - and discovered that we work well together.

Anyone who has worked entirely on his or her own as a self-employed professional can appreciate what a difference a team makes! For sure, no one ever really does it all on their own. I am eternally grateful for all the support and assistance I have had along the way - not only in my career as a Realtor, but also in my life.

Now that Candace and Christine and I are working together as a team, I am more appreciative than ever before for the positive difference others can make in our lives. We support one another, and we are all stronger because of it. Grateful 24/7/365.

Grateful 24/7/365

Positive experiences in my work life.

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