Grateful. I am grateful for Linda Shepherd and Tiffany Arsenault and their team. Linda and Tiffany's company is Buyers Desire Home Staging.

Every now and then in life, you get on a good run. I'm on a good run right now with Linda & Tiffany. Over the last 2+ years, Linda & Tiffany and their team have staged more than 20 of my listings - and counting. They are staging another one today. Because they have done this before, I have the utmost confidence in Linda & Tiffany. They deliver every time - literally:)!

For most of us, moving itself is not a lot of fun. It is stressful. Coordinating a moving truck and movers, getting items in and out, putting everything in its proper place. Most all of us have done it, and most all of us are happy when it's done.

Linda & Tiffany and their team are stagers. They basically move for a living. Every day. All the time. And they do it with grace and ease.

It's easy to underestimate how much goes into a move - the planning, the packing, the moving, the loading and unloading, the setting up - and the final touches. 

And here again today are Linda & Tiffany and their team on a new doorstep, equipped with their knowledge and know how and positive energy. And by day's end, they will have worked their magic, transforming another empty space into the promise of a home filled with life and shaped by happy memories. Thank you, Linda & Tiffany and team. Grateful 24/7/365.

Grateful 24/7/365

Positive experiences in my work life.

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