It's nice to come across a valuable business book that is under the radar. I stumbled upon You've Got 8 Seconds (2017), by Paul Hellman at the Barnes and Nobles in Boca Raton, Florida on my holiday break.

The title is informed by the current understanding of our attention spans: 8 seconds. That's it!

Lots of truth in this book, which explores ways to keep the attention of others for more than 8 seconds. It gets you thinking in a clear fashion as a business professional about a number of topics . Consider chapter 12 and

The 10 actions to increase your PRESENCE.

Your image:
1. Nonverbals - Projects confidence with voice and body language.
2. Optics - Attends to appearance in person and online.

Your drive:
3. Focus - Fully present and focussed on what is important.
4. Energy - Projects energy and sustains it over time.
5. Initiative - Offers ideas; experiments; takes calculated risks.
6. Commitment - Makes and keeps commitments; persists.

Your temperament:
7. Humility - Learns from mistakes; listens; shares credit.
8. Command - Takes the lead; speaks up; asserts skillfully.
9. Optimism - Takes a positive approach to problems and tasks.
10. Composure - Demonstrates calm under pressure.

I highly recommend this book. It is set up in an easy to read format.

Below, the author Paul Hellman talks about the importance of LISTENING.